"Real Heroes" at Eagle Lake



Carole McRight wrote us an email :



I have adopted Eagle Lake Shore Road from 2910 to 4363 but would love to be included on any future trash pickup events.
Carole McRight, 3660 ELSR



Carole McRight has "adopted" a secion of Eagle Lake Shore Road and has offered her time and effort to keep that part of  Eagle Lake Shore Road from 2910 to 4363 clean of litter. Our "Adopt a Highway" program needs the help of other "heroes" to keep our lake beautiful.  I know there are more "heroes" at Eagle Lake that will step up and do the same for their roadways.


Carole's email address is carolemcright3@gmail.com

if you want to send her a "Thank You"



We all thank you for your time, effort, and community spirit