Just for your information.  An individual purchase a mobile home on Shell Beach Road recently and was told by the State Health Dept. that he would have to have a "plan for a septic system should the existing system fail" and was denied a permit to establish a water connection until the plan was approved by the state.

To help all residents to become more educated on the issue I have researched MS Law and found that the clerk denying service to the homeowner was in error.   MS Law reads as follows:


SOURCE: Miss Code Ann § 41-67-3 Rule 1.1.18.


Existing Systems: Section 41-67-9 is reenacted and amended as follows:


1. Existing Individual On-site Wastewater Disposal Systems shall be considered Accepted, provided the following requirements are met:

a. The lot is located in an area or subdivision where Individual On-site Wastewater Disposal Systems are considered acceptable under this chapter;

b. The residence, building or facility has previously been occupied for a period of time deemed by the Department necessary to determine the functioning capability of the Individual On-site Wastewater Disposal System;

c. The system is functioning properly with no evidence that any insufficiently treated effluent is or has been seeping to the surface of the ground and any discharge of treated effluent is confined within the boundaries of the property of the generator;


d. If a private water supply well is present, the well should be located at a higher elevation than the disposal system and is protected from surface contamination by a concrete slab of a thickness of at least 4 inches extending at least 2 feet in all directions from the well casing.


2. If an existing residential Individual On-site Wastewater Disposal System is malfunctioning, the system should be replaced, where possible, with a system meeting all requirements of this chapter and rules and regulations of the Board. If replacement of the existing system is not possible, the existing system shall be repaired to reduce the volume of effluent, to adequately treat the effluent and to the greatest extent possible, to confine the discharge to the property of the generator. If repairs are made to significantly upgrade the existing Individual On-site Wastewater Disposal System, the Department shall approve the system, if requested.


3. The request for an inspection of an existing system must be on forms provided by the Department. The Applicant must indicate to the best of his/her ability the system type, location and status of the system.

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