The Warren County Emergency Management Agency is responsible for maintaining an all hazard capability to save lives and protect the property of the citizens of Warren County through mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.


John Elfer, the director of the Warren County Emergency Management Agency, spoke to our board at the regular meeting on Dec. 4th. on  topics of flood zoning, emergency response, and the  "code red" early warning system.  John briefed the board on his job and area of responsibilty as the Emergency Coordinator for Warren County and discussed the following topics: 

Brief history of the "Emergency Sirens"

John gave us a brief overview of the emergency sirens located throughout the county. Eagle Lake has only one siren in the area.  The original purpose for all of the emergency sirens located within Warren County was in case of a nuclear emergency at Grand Gulf Nuclear Station.  The sirens were never intended to be used as a warning device for tornados or other emergencies.  The cost to maintain and update the system to provide for early warning of tornados is prohibitive to the county's budget at present, costing about $25,000 per siren.  Emergency Operations determined that another method of early warning was needed, which led to the "Code Red" early warning system. 


 "Code Red" is a FREE system whereby an individual can register their phone number and address and will receive a phone call when there is a tornado warning, flash flood warning, hurricane warning, evacuation notices, missing child alerts, hazardous material and radiological incident is in effect for your particular will not receive a call for "watches", only warnings or events of the previous items.  Only those people registered and within the area of concern will receive the phone calls under these "warning conditions". 


We encourage everyone to register with "Code Red" by calling 601-636-1544 or by going to the website ..........  .....and registering



Flood Zone Determinations and Permits

John is a certified flood zone expert and part of his  duties involve flood zone determinations for our area.  John's office is located in the basement area of the court house.  If you have questions or concerns on flood zoning for your property you should contact John at 601-636-1544 or email John at




Connie Hamil says...
"I love this. Since our sat. or power goes off every time the weather is real bad. I encourage everyone to sign up." (4/11/13)