Lake Fest Vendor Form

SATURDAY May 28th - 10 am till 5 pm


The "Lake Fest" event is being sponsored by Eagle Lake Matters and will take place at Eagle Lake Shore Road, Vicksburg, MS. Vendor locations will be decided by the committee and may be reserved in advance or on a first come first served basis. No vendor may sublet their space to another vendor.

Rates: $25.00 per 10x10 space. Must be paid in full no less than 2 weeks prior to event. 

Refunds: There are no refunds given after the payment has been received for space. No refunds will be issued due to weather or any other conditions beyond the control of Eagle Lake Matters.

Merchandise: The following items are not permitted: baby food, infant formula, fireworks, alcoholic beverages, illegal items, bootleg or counterfeit items, crushed or ground incense, coin operated gumball or candy machines, petition signings, Games of chance, adult and x-rated materials, food or drinks items of any kind, guns, dogs, cats any other animals, NO SALE OF FOOD, DRINKS, WATER or any items deemed objectionable by Eagle Lake Matters.

Insurance and Operations: Eagle Lake Matters does not insure vendor’s merchandise and is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged merchandise. All vendor fees must be submitted not less than two weeks prior to Festival date. No music or pets in your booth. Do not break down until 5 pm when festival ends.


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  • How will you submit your payment?
    I will pay by check to: Eagle Lake Matters Lake Fest, 912 Eagle Lake Shore Rd, Vicksburg, MS. 39183
    I will pay via credit card by going to our "Store" dropdown link under the "More" tab on our website.